23 FEBRUARY 2023


Study shows Aussies see their gym membership as a necessity, not a luxury, to help with their mental health as cost of living rises

New research by leading Australian health club operator Viva Leisure reveals gym-goers rate mental health as the top reason for pumping iron or getting their sweat through exercise.

The Viva Leisure research conducted by Roy Morgan polled just over 1000 participants in its Club Lime Member Survey, which showed 71 percent of members rated mental wellbeing as the top reason for engaging in health and wellness activities.

The data presents a growing trend amongst Australians who better understand the importance of taking care of one’s own physical and mental wellbeing.

Mental health is increasingly being recognised as having a vital role in overall quality of life, with people making lifestyle changes to ensure they have a better balance between physical activity and time spent focusing on their personal wellbeing.

This was shown again to be of significant importance to members, with a notable 89% agreeing that their membership helps them to reduce their daily stress levels.

While Australians may have considered a gym membership a luxury expense in the past, the statistics show many consider their gym membership as an investment in their health.

Despite rising living costs, gym goers are not willing to sacrifice their memberships, with 67 percent of members agreeing their Club Lime health club membership is a necessity, not a luxury.

Furthermore, 86% of health club members agreed their membership is important to their overall wellbeing and 71% agreed that their quality of life would be negatively impacted without their health club membership.

Health club memberships are widely regarded as a long-term investment, with 80% of members agreeing their membership will help save future costs associated with aging and illness.

Harry Konstantinou, Viva Leisure's CEO and Managing Director, shared his commitment to the health and wellbeing of their members.

“At Viva Leisure, we are dedicated to helping our members achieve their health and fitness goals. We offer a variety of services to promote physical activity, mental wellbeing and healthy lifestyle habits. Our clubs offer an array of services designed to promote health and wellbeing - through group fitness classes, personal trainers and state-of-the-art equipment  to facilitate each individual’s journey. Ultimately we are focused on helping our members become confident in themselves and feel empowered by reaching their goals.”

To find out more and for a copy of the full report click here.

Club Lime Member Survey Results:

  • 67% agree their Club Lime health club membership is a necessity, not a luxury
  • 80% agree their membership helps them save on future costs associated with aging and illness
  • The top 3 reasons Club Lime members engage in health activities are mental wellbeing (71%), achieving a personal fitness goal (59%) and to lose weight (51%)
  • 86% agree their membership is important to their overall wellbeing
  • 81% of members are satisfied with their membership
  • 89% of members agree their Club Lime membership helps reduce their daily stress
  • 66% will cut back on eating out and takeaways, 65% will cut back on new clothes and shoes, while only 25% will cut back on gym and health

About Viva Leisure:

Founded in 2004, Viva Leisure operates health clubs (gymnasiums) within the health and leisure industry.  Viva Leisure’s mission is to connect health and fitness to as many people as possible and aims to provide its members with affordable, accessible, and awesome facilities.

With 340+ facilities around the country and more due to open soon, Viva Leisure is quickly becoming Australia’s top choice for all their fitness needs. The ASX listed company’s key brands include Club Lime, Plus Fitness, HIIT Republic, GroundUp, , and Rebalance Pilates and Yoga.

Viva Leisure offers customers several different membership options and a range of different types of facilities from big-box fitness facilities to boutique fitness facilities.  The Company currently operates within the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, together with the master franchise for the Plus Fitness group of approximately 200 clubs.


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