VIVA Leisure Pty Limited was formed in order to consolidate and improve on the operations of the assets of The Club Group (its predecessor). The assets under management include health clubs, aquatic facilities, learn to swim and a day spa. The portfolio has grown from one business unit in 2004 to in excess of 25 in 2018. The combined group employs in excess of 500 staff and has over 7000 visits per day (over 2 million per annum) to its facilities.



It is VIVA Leisures' mission from the owners right through to the managers and staff to provide world class service, equipment and most importantly an amazing unforgettable experience to all our members and users of the facilities we own and manage.

We don't just aim to provide access to a health club, we aim to change lives, and improve the wellbeing of members, from a health perspective to learning how to swim, our members range from 6 months to 80+ years of age.

Our longer term aim is to be the premier health, fitness, aquatic and leisure provider in Australia.